Friends of Rwanda Association (FORA) is a non-profit people-to-people program for helping orphaned children in Rwanda support themselves. FORA was founded in 1995 after the 1994 massacre that took place in Rwanda.

We specialize in serving remote areas not served by other agencies. A.S.O.G.M. is the current agency that we work with.

What are the needs?
Following the war and genocide, much of the country was left in shambles, including its schools. Teachers were killed and buildings destroyed. Today Rwanda spends about one-forth the money on basic education that its neighbors Uganda and Tanzania can afford.

Families must pay fees even for basic elementary education. High school is beyond the reach of most families. Many children were left without parents or homes, and many of these children must now raise their younger brothers and sisters. FORA helps child heads of households support their younger siblings.

What can we do?
FORA is a friend to innocent victims. FORA helps to equip young survivors to better support themselves and their families.

We can contribute our time, talents and money to further FORA's goals of bringing skills of intermediate technology to children who might otherwise be overlooked. Many function as heads of households and do not have the luxury of going to high school. They need practical vocational skills to earn a living so they can support themselves and their siblings.

What has FORA Accomplished?
FORA has helped to launch and maintain many educational projects for children orphaned by 1994 genocide in Rwanda. FORA's funded projects are implemented through ASOGM, a sister organization based in the Mayaga region. To view the list of projects go to our Partners section.

FORA is always looking for volunteers to assist with many aspects of the organization. If you share the beliefs of FORA and are interested in volunteering, please contact: Mathilde Mukantabana at

All volunteers. No paid staff. No bureaucracy.